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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Domingo facturas

We woke up late Sunday morning as last night we (my brother Seb, Jas and I) went out to town. We had pizza and birra for dinner at the Bodegon. We arrived at 11pm (yes Argentinians eat dinner very late) and had half a muzza and half a onion pizza and 2 bottles of Stella (made in Argentina by Quilmes). It was relaxing, the kids were asleep at my mum and dads place. We did not stay for the Papo tribute show by Luis Robinson which was starting at 12 midnight. There were lots of families with little kids still running around the pizzeria at midnight when we left. That is the life here in Argentina, kids stay up past midnight enjoying a night out with their parents, then probably fall asleep while their parents stay up late having a night out. Very different culture to Australia.
facturas domingo
joaquin facturasfruit salad for zalia

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