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Monday, February 21, 2011

It is Tuesday. The day started semi clouded and turned out to be nice. The days are hot and summery with blue skies, the nights cool and with stars galore. Joaquin and Zalia are doing well, not jet lagged now. They wake up between 8am and 8.30am and we have breakfast (cornflakes and milk) and then play a bit and talk to my parents who bring the coffee for us (they make it in their house). I think my parents and brother are so happy we are here.
Zalia usually has a sleep at 10.30am for about and hour and Joaquin plays with Jason or my parents. There were two little boys from across the road who came to play trains with Joaquin but then the older boys big sister who looks after them came to pick them up before Joaquin could play. He was disappointed. I worked a bit today on a paper and sent some email. Jason spends the whole day looking after Z and J, he is such a good dad and I will miss him when he goes back, so much.
My parents made lunch, beef vindaloo and Joaquin loves it so much, but we made his less spicy, he had nearly two bowls and Z loves her food too. She eats everything I give her.
Then Z has another sleep around 2.30pm till 4.30 and then we went for a little walk and my mum took Joaquin to the park across the little stream. The garden is beautiful and lush here, my mum really looks after it and this house my dad built out of an old shed is so great and cozy.

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