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Friday, February 4, 2011

Going to Patagonia

We are going to Argentina, to visit my parents in Patagonia in less than 2 weeks.
This is the town we will be staying at.

I am really not organised, just buying last minute things.
Such as non-disposable all in one nappies, a warm sleeping bag for Zalia (as it will be cold there and we are planning to go camping in the National Park where there are Glaciars and cold lakes), warm jacket for Zalia, and some cardigans for her bought for 50% from the Nest Child store in Clovelly.

Just read the blog spot by Jordon from Oh Happy Day on Traveling with small children on big airplanes. She just moved her whole family (two small boys) across the pond from San Francisco to Paris. How exciting how romantic. They will live there for a year, what an adventure. There are some very good travel tips. I love the tip on bringing small new toys and books for the trip, wrapped in colorful crepe paper so it takes time to unwrap each toy in addition to how long their attention lasts playing with each toy. I have to get organised for the trip and do something like this.

Also Joaquin loves the ipad and we already have movies and shows on there for him and he can use youtube to find videos (from Thomas train to Dinosaur train) better than I can use it.

I would love to buy some lovely clogs before I go from Funkis in Sydney.
Still need to buy some bags for us to travel. This bag looks cute for Joaquin.

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Kristi said...

traveling overseas is always a bit stressful with little ones. i think you have it covered though. safe travels.