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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday it rained

I want to write about our stay here in Patagonia every day. That is my goal.
Today we woke up late, nearly 9am. I did not sleep much last night, still jet lagged thinking about the tragedy in Christchurch NZ, the earthquake, worrying that it may happen here since we are so close to the Andes and border with Chile.
Anyway I was able to sleep in a bit in the morning which was lush, Joaquin came into our bed and slept with us and Zalia stayed in her cot, not making any noise in the room they are sharing.
I love the mornings here, waking up, getting ready for breakfast. This morning it was grey and raining. But very cozy in this little house, so warm, so nice.
After breakfast Zalia played with her doll and Joaquin's trains and then some boys came over from across the street. There is Dante (the blond) who is 5 and Elias who is 7.

I did some work with my paper, Jas played with the kids. Zalia had a sleep at 12 before lunch. Seb worked on his paper, dad went to buy milanezas de pollo premade, mum made lunch, Seb and I picked fresh ruccula, lettuce and onions from mums green house and I made a salad from the yummy greens (should have taken photo.
we had a lovely lunch, Zalia ate it all (with pasta, and some peas, and carrot salad).
Then after lunch Zalia had a sleep at 3. Jas played with Joaquin trains, and I had a little sleep and also did some work. Then dad made some yummy healthy bread sticks and we had it with dulce de leche. We drank this with mate that mum made us. It was lovely, raining out and so cozy in. After this the kids had baths, we made their dinner and they were in bed a bit late, at 9.30. Then J and I had dinner and some cammomile tea and I am finishing the day writing a bit on my paper and writing the blog.

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