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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Zalia is one in Australia

Me 40 weeks pregnant (a year ago)

Zalia is officially one years of Age in Australia, What a little munchnut, what a little miracle what a gorgeous little girl. I love her so much. I can not believe this time last year I had already had her, I was probably having a blood transfusion (5 units of blood) as when she came out fast and furious my placenta got stuck and did not want to get out. While this was happening I was bleeding and my heart beat was very very fast and I was weak even though I just craved Greek baklava cake from the Spot Greek Cafe. I did not get to have her in my arms to many many hours later after she was born at 10.25am. She is a little Taurus baby born in the year of the Tiger was going to be a little Aries should have been born on the 9th of April but was very overdue and on the 20th when I went to the hospital for a check up I was 5 cm dilate and she was going to come any day. So they asked me to stay overnight and in the morning I woke up, went for a little walk down the corridor, made a cup of tea. Spoke to a man who was in the tea room with the mornings paper. He talked to me about the pay increase doctors or nursing staff were going to get and wondered where this money came from. I read all the posters on the walls, saw other mums who were ready to pop and also saw a dad with a newborn in the corridor. Then i quietly walked down the corridor to our room, Jas was still asleep and I told him I thought the contractions were coming. I wanted to put the topometer on as I heard the baby heartbeats and felt when I was going to contract. Then they started at around 9am. I was able to walk but not read magazines as I had been doing. The pain made me stop in my tracks and they were intense but not that intense. Then the midwife came in, I told her I thought I was officially in labour and then after 9.30am I went to the toilet and my waters broke. That freaked me out a bit as I knew there was no turning back and about 20 more min of contractions (harder and more painful) and I told the midwife I needed to lay down, that I did not think I could go on that the baby needed to come out soon. Well I laid down on the bed, they told me to start pushing amazingly I did and things began to happen. I pushed a while then they noticed a head, I had to have an epistemology due to the tear from Joaquin's birth and then I pushed 2 more times and the baby was born. We did not know the sex and were very surprised it was a little girl. Then after that she was bathed and cleaned and I was rushed away for an epidural to get the placenta out (it did not come out after an hour).

We stayed in hospital a few days. more than we wanted but it was all worth it. She was breastfed and It was a bit difficult ( not as much as with Joaquin) as well but all worth it. One year later she still likes to be breastfed and wakes up twice a night for a feed. I am very exhausted. I love her to bits. We love our little Zalia Ines. La princessa de nuestro corazon. It is still the 20th here. So my little one is still 11 months old, she will soon be 1. We are having a birthday party for her on Saturday and I have been planning it. Feliz cumple mi amorcito!

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