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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zalia is nearly 1

I am very tired and it is 10.21pm and should go to bed. I went swimming today and swam 1.5km which is pretty good since I started swimming last month I had not swam for about 3 years.
Anyway while I swim Joaquin has swimming classes. He is a bit scared and does not jump in the water and plays a lot getting used to the water. I just swim, other mums watch their kids while I swim, am I a bad mum? Also got my eyebrows waxed today which was a good feeling, and half leg, it hurt a lot the wax was hot and she really scrubbed my legs and exfoliated before I had them waxed.

Also went to the doctors this morning for Zalia, she has a bit of a cold so I have been worried and since my dad had bronchitis on the weekend we were worried. Poor dad. But he is getting better. Zalia also has just a small cold. She cries bloody murder though when she is being checked out by the doctor, when she has to get her clothes taken off or when she is weighed. She weighed 8.65kg and 73cm so she is 50% but I still think she is a bit longer and was not stretched as much. Anyway she used to eat well but now is fussy and wants to feed herself and put the spoon or fork in her mouth. Anyway my little girl is turning 1 in a few days. I will miss her being a little baby and welcome her with all my heart to toddlehood. She is a little munchkin and knows what she wants. She is sweet and loves her dolls and loves her brother to bit and laughs a lot. She hates getting any clothes on or off, hates going to the doctors, hates going to sleep by herself, hates being left alone on the floor for too long. A bit of a mummy's girl but quite friendly and sociable too. Very quick to look at things, very quick to do things. I can not believe it is almost a year since I went into hospital for a midwives appointment, ended up being 5cm dilated and told to stay the night and had her the next morning very easily but lost a lot of blood and had to have a blood transfusion. I had a great pregnancy with her, just went for too long, and got very emotional and erratic at the end, and could not sleep and always had bad thoughts. Anyway I am so glad that she came to us and is here with us. I love her to bit. Te quiero mi amorcito Zalia Ines.
I also love my little boy, he is better this week, not so mischievous, listens a bit more, learned to write his name, learned his aeiou, speaking Spanish quite well. Even at his preschool his teacher Lily told me that (as he is in a class with all children that are 5 year olds when he is only 3 going on 4) that he is very bright and intelligent and is very good at doing the tasks set out for the 5 year old kids. Just that his attention span is not as long as the other kids. He is also still emotionally young and gets upset and cries a bit. He is a good little boy, loves animals and nature and very sweet.

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