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Monday, November 21, 2011

messy kitchen and mini banana muffins

Today is Tuesday. I can not believe November has gone so quickly.
We have done so much, there have been some nice some days and grey and wet the others.

Joaquin has been sick with temperature all weekend. It got to 40.1 degrees C on Sunday right after I took him to the hospital to see what was wrong.  It is just a virus. He just has had panadol every 4-6 hours and fluids. He has a sore throat but there is no infection, just swollen glands. However the doctors are cautious  at the hospital and have to write a letter so we can go home. The letter states everything they think that is wrong with the patient and what the outcome is. This is new at the children's hospital. I think it is because of all the stuff ups they have had in other hospitals and unnecessary fatal outcomes, sending patients home when they needed more care.

Anyway so we are home today.
This is what my kitchen looks like. I still have to put all our organic fruit and veges away and decide what to do for lunch and dinner.

These are the mini banana muffins that Joaquin and Zalia helped me make. I also managed to make 12 larger muffins they are still in the oven and are ready.

I think I want to make this recipe, It has kale (tick), pumpkin (do not have), almonds (tick), quinoa (tick), cabbage (tick). Something healthy!

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