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Friday, November 18, 2011

Saturday at Clovelly Beach

Today it was really hot and such a beautiful day.
We ended up going to the beach before lunch down to Clovelly.
We all had a little swim, the tide was coming up at 12am and so just after lunch the water was clear.
Thankfully we had the little sun-shade tent that my parents had bought for us last year when they came to visit from Bunnings.
For lunch I bought Z and J a toastie with ham and cheese and some fries from the cafe at the south end of Clovelly, Jas and I did not eat lunch just picked at the chips as we had a big breakfast, eggs, mushrooms and bacon.

Then we went and played at the little park by the beach. Zalia just wanted to walk up and down the stairs and was oblivious to the little magpie that was sunning itself on the grass nearby.

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