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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Not much has happened

Have not done much blogging or writing lately. ME BAD.
Today, however we had a playmate with Joaquin's friend and mum and little 11 month old brother who came to visit. It was stinking hot. Zalia had a little sleep. She was clumsy yesterday fell twice out of bed (once after coughing and waking up from a sleep on my bed). Joaquin said "Don't put her near the edge of the bed mummy as that is why she fell", a second time she fell while putting Joaquin's tshirt on her head and mucking around on my bed and I was staying very close to her putting laundry away but did not see her do it, just heard her cry for one second, and thirdly while walking down the corridor yesterday she slipped and hurt her leg.
I made a quick dash to the library to get some books and drop of books. Zalia came with me, it was very hot, I was very rushed I left Joaquin at his friends place and ended up buying Zalia a banana smoothie to calm her down. She was so upset in the pram she banged her head on the side. She also has been scratching on her legs due to the heat but I got a very good anti-chafting cream that seems to work.
So it is Thursday, another week has flown past. I do not seem to do much but hang out with the kids, cook do some cleaning, finish a few papers here and there. Tomorrow I will go to the uni and do some work and make phone calls etc.
Last night after dinner (pasta with smoked salmon, baby spinach wilted in oil, zucchini fried with oil and garlic, and cauliflower fritters (from Stephanie Alexander) we we went to sit outside waiting for the storm.
Here are some photos:

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