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Friday, November 28, 2008

Inspiration for success

Inspired by this writer for the New York Times:
His blog

He was born in the United Kingdom, to an English father who is a civil engineering professor at the University of Waterloo and his mother is a black Jamaican-born psychotherapist, and he was raised in Ontario, Canada.
His new book called Outliers and an extract a story about success and how successful people are as such: it is opportunity, but hard work. He writes in his book that most successful people start young at doing what they really like to do and have done over 10 000 hours of work on their "passion".
What some people have to say about the book and how there are a lot of gladwell0-esk books that use anecdotes to explain science.
person number 1
person number 2
Here is another article about him
A video of Gladwell speaking. Thanks to Big Picture

Another inspirational writer close to my heart and bones is the paleontologist and evolutionary theorist Stephen Jay Gould.

Photo from Wikipedia

Photo from here and there are a lot of excellent black and white photos of him there.
Here i found a webpage the unofficial Stephen Jay Gould Archive with a lot of articles written by Gould.

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