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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Argentinian artists

I found this book thanks to Karina from El Beso.

The book is a little illustrated book by an artist called Yamila Kury from Argentina and she was born in the same year as me and is my age. How cool, I have not met another Yamila the same age as me and an artist to boot.

I went to the online store Tienda Dos Fuerzas to buy the book. The store is pretty cool and you can buy lots of little artistic nick knacks.
But the book only costs 15 pesos (arg) about 5 Australian dollars but costs a further 114 pesos (about 70 Australian dollars) to send it to me in Sydney with the Argentinian postal system. Que Fatal! How ridiculous! I think I will buy it next time i go to Buenos Aires.

This book is also very cute "Malos Pensamientos".

It is a book on contemporary Argentinian artists and has images that depict ideas demonstrating fantasies and surreal situations. So wonderful!

Love the fox/deer with a squid and his boot!

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