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Friday, November 7, 2008

Mexican style a la Americano

From The Selby taken at Nicolas Malleville and Francesca Bonato's place in Mexico. They are both hoteliers and perfumers and have a beach hotel and perfumery in tulum and Valladolid Mexico.

Love the leather sandalias, these would be perfect for Australian summer by the beach and love the old spanish style tiles.

Reminds me of the beautiful antique tiles I saw in the window of the tile museum in Colonia, Uruguay. The Museo de Azulejo (Tile Museum) is housed in a pink-colored mansion where Lussich lived with his wife and his seven daughters. The tile museum contains one of the most important colonial floor tile collection, that belong to the architect Alejandro Artucio. The 500 tiles exhibited are of French origin and date from the mid 1800s. They are decorated with simple and schematic drawings in blue (cobalt oxide) or violet (manganese oxide). From Joanpaz at flickr

Tile outside the Azulejo Museo with map of Colonia photo from patte2210 at flickr

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