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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thursday morning

Its Thursday and I am so exhausted already.
The week goes flying past but I have had a big week and yesterday a big day.
Because I do not drive when I go out to the local parks I stay out.
Today I want to clean up the remained pots and pans I did not clean last night after making dinner for the three of us. I made salmon in the oven, some twice cooked chips using one organic potato and some fresh cheese and spinach ravolii. Joaquin asked where his vegetables were and said he loved this food. He had two servings of pasta and fish and most of the chips. I served up Z a bowl of food and she ate most of it too.
Jas went out with a friend last night so I just hang out with the kids, he bathed them before he left and I got dinner ready. Then we ate, I gave everyone some chocolate and I had a chocolate (first time in a long time). Then we plunked ourselves in front of the heater and tv and watched Octonauts, Gaspar and Lisa, and Play school. Then Joaquin played on the iPad and I watched some trashy tv playing with Z and falling asleep. Every time I fell asleep Z would come over to me and climb on me and try to wake me up. I hate sleeping in front of the heater I feel very toasty and warm and even too hot when I wake up. Zalia is walking a lot more, she loves putting a children's key set around her neck and we call her Dr. Za. She also still loves her doll and I catch her kissing it so much.
Joaquin is such a little boy, runs to the toilet when he needs to go, he ate all his dinner and I gave him a treat. He has favourite shows and yesterday he told me when we heard Jetlag the song blaring from someone's truck that that was his favourite song. We also walked past a section of Randwick where they seemed to have cut down some trees and painted the tree stumps bright orange. Joaquin was upset, he said who cut down the trees, that is naughty, without trees we won't be able to breath. If everyone cut down trees on the earth we would not be able to breath as trees give us air. Very cute. He is so sweet, gentle and loves his sister so much. I love them both.

Today i want to achieve this:
1) clean the house a bit
2) clear up the kitchen
3) do some puzzles and draw with Joaquin
4) take them to the park
5) get dinner items ready (we are making stir fry with organic veges-bock choy, spring onions, ginger, coriander).
6) Get the spare room ready as Jas's parents are coming to stay till Sunday.
7) I was invited out by a friend tonight but I feel a bit tired and have so much to do.
8) Prepare for tomorrow's class

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