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Monday, August 15, 2011

Tuesday at the park

Tuesday I am usually at home but today i spent the day out and I hit the parks and met up with two mums I know one who's son is Joaquin's age and at his preschool and the other who is Argentinian and has three kids a little girl that is at school at kindergarden and two boys one who is turning 4 in December and one that turned 2 a few months ago. There were a few other mothers at the park with three kids, how do they do it? Beats me!
Anyway I made sandwiches and managed to get out of the home and walk to the park about 900mt away and be there by 9.30am. Pretty good. That was Tuesday then later in the afternoon the friend of Joaquins came to play and they played and played. I did not watch them for a moment and then Joaquin can running from outside the house (I do not know how they opened the back sliding door and got out and went down the side of the house) and said his friend A had fallen down some steps and was bleeding. I freaked out but it was ok just a graze. Joaquin normally would not go outside without me but when he is with friends he is adventurous. I managed Zalia to have two sleeps that day, one after a breastfeed which by the way I am trying to cut down during the day. Then I put her in her cot and she slept an hour. I do not know what I did in that time, washed and hung out the clothes, watched some reality crappy tv and had a tea and biscuit or three.
She then got up and we played some more, I washed some more, I made everyone afternoon tea, then the falling over the steps incidents occurred and then at around 4pm I finally got Z to have another sleep I was in the room on Joaquins bed waiting for her to sleep, then A's mum rang the doorbell and I left her to cry a little in the room and she slept and I falled the laundry while she slept and I talked to A's mum and the two boys watched Octonauts.
At 5pm Jas came home and we had to get to swimming and I got Z up and we went and I even swam 1km in half an hour.
Then I made some chicken shintzel for dinner with veges and left over ravioli. I think it was a success as we all ate well.

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