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Sunday, August 7, 2011

organic fruit and veges

I have been inspired thanks to Louise at Table Tonic to try eating organic, especially my fruit and veges. I might even get Organic milk for my children.
I joined the Randwick Organic fruit and vege group and payed my money and picked up my box of goodies on Monday night at 6.15pm from the aRandwick school One of the girls who is in the organisation I know from when I went to high school.
Jas waited outside with Z and Joaquin and I went inside the school, there is a bit of helping to do putting fruit and veges in each box or basket to divvy out for each person. I had bananas and I ended up putting about 5 bananas in each box. So here is what I got for $35
-5 bananas
-2 avacados
-3 pears
- 3 apples
-4 potatos
-1 beetroot round and big
- a florette of broccoli
- some oranges
-some lemons
-a bunch of coriander
- ginder
-a bunch of spring onion
-a head of purple cabbage
2 large cucumbers
a large bunch of bok choy
-a brown paper bags with peas
-one large leek

The only things missing we use a lot of in our cooking is:
lettuce, tomatos, carrots, zuchhini, pumpkin, onion, garlic

Update Thursday 11th of August: So far I have only made some orange juice, made chips with the potato, had the cucumber. We will make stir fry with ginger, chicken free range, box choy, spring onion, peas, broccoli tonight for dinner

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