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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Taking photos with Zalia

Joaquin is still Sleeping, I get Z out of her cot and she is making noises. She immediately stands up in her cot with her stripy sleep bag and waits patiently for me. Then i pick her up and hug her and smell her and fall in love with her all over again. She wants the ikea lamp that is green and I hand it to her so she can hold. She grabs on to me tightly and we walk back to my bed, plonk down on the bed and she has her morning breast feed. I will miss these times. she is growing too fast. Joaquin is still asleep in our bed, he comes into the bed in the middle of the night and tells us later that daddy comes and gets him and brings him in. sometimes i find his teddies and toys in our bed too. After her feed Z wants to wake Joaquin up and tries so hard to get him up, to disturb him, to poke him and pull his hair. I try to stop her, but eventually he gets up and has a big smile on his face to see his sister.
These are photos I took with the iPhone this morning after I got Z up.

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