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Thursday, August 25, 2011

thursday morning and I think my back is sore again

Later in the morning I took the kids outside to play and the sun was out and the kids played in the yard with water in a bucket and some toys while I sat down and watched them. It was lovely, the only problem is when I sit on the outside Ikea chairs my back really hurts afterwards. May have to go and see if I can get the sports masseuse lady can see me on Saturday in the morning. Bl##dy sciatica!!!!

Later at midday a friend of Joaquin's came over and his mum, we had some lunch, then they played a bit of soccer and we walked to the new park. I saw other mums from Zalia's mums group and finally left at around 4pm and put Zalia down for a sleep while I made part of dinner. Red cabbage (organic) salad with garlic and anchovies (adapted from Stephanie Alexander) and carrot salad with feta and chicken schnitzel. Yummy

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