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Monday, August 1, 2011


We have been sick and it really is horrible.
For the past two weeks, snotty noses, coughs, fevers, grumpiness and a 15 month old that is so clingy and just wants to be held all the time. Since Sunday she has been happier. She is now in my arms sleeping as i type. Still breastfeeds, and she breastfed so much while she was sick. Anyway the sun is out and its beautiful morning in sydney. I have to get lunch ready and have a large to do list to do for today.
1) Wash and hang clothes in the sun
2) make lunch
3) answer emails'
4) make beds
5) write ideas and memories down (things that Joaquin says as a 4 year old)
6) write about Zalia

In other news
I got a new computer MacBook Air. I love it. So lucky, so cool, so small compact and light.
I started teaching at uni and love it. Zalia stays with the shared nanny and Joaquin goes to preschool.

Things I want to do this month
I want to really start buying organic produce and cooking lovely foods like Louise.
Enroll in composting/worm farming course at local council (DONE)
I want get organised
I need and want to get a drivers licence.
Do exercise and eat less
organise my health
Take more photos.
Need to get a tv cabinet

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