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Sunday, August 28, 2011

the large yellowfin tuna and sydney fish market

We had a busy Sunday. The morning we went to a school boot sale at the local school.
I bought some little people toys and a castle for $10, a Thomas train set for $10, another Fisher Price train for $10, some baby clothes for Zalia for $20 including some Bonds dress and some other dresses and a Marimekko onsie. After this we walked home and then drove to the Sydney Fish Market. The place was packed and it was such a warm afternoon, even Joaquin said "Everyone has the same idea" in relation to everyone wanting fish for Lunch on a warm late winter afternoon.

What we ate:
sushimi (salmon and tuna) $20 worth
Oysters (Sydney rock oysters) $10
Large king prawns $10
Joaquin and Zalia shared a plate of grilled salmon and chips $15
We also had a beer, and a soft drink.
It was really really good and so yummy.
Then afterwards we walked to the wharf, Joaquin and Zalia shared a chocolate ice-cream and Jas and I had a Pat and Stick's home made ice-cream sandwich (Double choc for Jas, and Caramel Pecan for me). DELISH!

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