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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A taste of summer in Sydney in August

Its Thursday Morning, 7am, and I am sure its going to be a beautiful day.
Since I got up at 6.30am I have
a) hung a load of washing on the line
b) put another load on
c) emptied the dishwasher
d) about to have some breakfast before the little ones get up.

Well I can hear Zalia in her room making some noises but I will keep her there until I finish break. Joaquin just came to our bed for a little cuddle at 6am and he is asleep there and J has left for work. The garbage trucks have been and gone.
Today I have a hair appointment at the local hairdresser and they have a creche so I am taking both and hoping all goes well.

Yesterday started off grey, the sky and my mood.
But at 10am i left the house, pram, scooter, snacks, jumpers in case of cold and J and Z. We went to the park and met up with Z's mums group. We also met up with a dad from J's mums group and his two children.
After some play, by 12 everyone had left I went across the road bought some sandwiches and then had lunch with them in the park, my friend who is Argentinian was there with her 14 month old boy and she is also currently 20 weeks pregnant.

Then i loaded up the pram, convinced J to get in the pram and walked down to the beach so meet some other mums and J's friends at the park at the beach. They both fell asleep on the walk down there can you believe it? Joaquin was still asleep when I got there, Z was awake. When i got her out of the pram she had a play and a little wander and is walking so much more. Even the other mothers noticed how much she is walking from last week. She is in such a better mood, after all the colds and temps from the last two weeks. So is Joaquin. He slept 30 m in more and his friends were coming over to see if he was awake. They ended up playing well all together (the four of them) with J's trains, and in the sandpit at the park. I also bumped into another mum I know and her 15 month old son and they spotted a whale at Coogee Beach. I did not get to see it though.
At 4pm we left, bought some chocolate milk for J and ice-cream for his friend and walked half a block to his friends house for an afternoon play date. They played well, Zalia just stayed with me, admiring the cat they have in a cage with a special collar to stop it licking its wound on it s leg. Zalia was quite happy just to hang out, she is such a girl. So different with Joaquin playing with his friend in the other room, with trains, and dinosaurs and blocks.
At 5pm the tv came on and we watched Tom and Jerry. It was Joaquin's first time watching it, I think he liked it, his friend really likes it and laughs a lot.
15 min later Jas came to pick us up and we went home. I made dinner, left over burritos, pasta and veges for them, and a zucchini tart from Stephanie Alexander and from Fat Mum slim.
Very yummy. Jas got them bathed and in bed by 8.30. I stayed up cleaning up the kitchen and the floors and watched a bit of tv, then got to bed at 10pm. A long day.

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