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Friday, January 9, 2009

tangiando saturday morning

My mind is all over the place this morning. We went to sleep last night late after watching Spanglish, I saw it before on the plane coming from Argentina to Australia and cried. I love the last line because I am my mother 's daughter.
Speaking of which...
Feliz cumple Mama (8 de Enero) Te quiero mucho mucho y aun que estoy lejos sos la mejor mama que hay!

So we are thinking of going to Sydney Festival which starts today and there are some great things on for free from 2pm at Hyde Park.
Things on for kids are here and include
Toronga zoo mobile pettingzoo
Large recycled tasmanian devil

Listening to Andres Calamaro Tinta Roja, love the tangos and love Milonga del trovador and these are the lyrics of the first verse and I feel them

Lyrics to Milonga Del Trovador :
Soy de una tierra hermosa
de América del Sur,
en mezcla gaucha de indio con español.
De piel y voz morochas
vi en mi guitarra
que al mundo van las coplas, y me fui yo.

makes me remember my abuela maida and her love for tango!
Especially "Esta Noche me emborracho bien"
Cannot play this video?
LETRA Y MUSICA: Enrique Santos Discépolo

This is for you Abuela Maida

Guitar version ( I can't get enough of it and love this so much)

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