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Friday, January 6, 2012

Saturday 7 January 2012

Saturday Jas and I spent cleaning the house thoroughly. He did the kitchen, scrubbed down everything, even on top of the cupboards and under the microwave. The only thing I have left to do is clean the fridge eventually. I did the rooms and the floors, and washed and made the beds. Jas also did the toilets which was nice. We have the showers left to do.
But the house was looking good.

After cleaning the house, I managed to have a shower and get ready to go out. I went to See Manu Chao at the Domain on Saturday night as part of the Sydney Festival. There was a lot of people. I met up with my cousin who is 6 months older than me and who we have recently reunited after a family fall out. It was a bit weird but nice to hang out without kids and do something cultural. We went to see my other cousin sing in her band at the Art Gallery of NSW as part of the Picasso Exhibition and Sydney festival. That was nice too. I said hello to my auntie and uncle who I had not seen in a long time. Before Manu Chao came on we sat in the domain like the 1000s of others, on a pink mat, and ate soft camembert cheese, biscuits, chips drank some wine and we caught up. I felt old at the concert, I do not know why I have been feeling this way, everyone is so young so much energy. I think the situation of being there with my cousin was like a flashback to old times, going out, feeling on top of the world as you do when you are young and free. Tonight I just felt weird. I knew all the words to Manu's song but we had to go closer to the stage to hear him well as the sound was quite bad at the back. Anyway it was nice, I had fun and it was good to see so many people there supporting Manu and loving his music.
I wanted Joaquin and Zalia to have seen the children's activities at the Domain that were on earlier but Joaquin being sick and all we thought it was best he stayed at home. Jas had them bathed and fed by 7pm and had them asleep by 8.30pm.

Thankfully i got a lift home and was home by 11.30pm. Jas was in bed watching Dexter season 6.

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