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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia day in Coogee

Australia day  (the day Captian James Cook and the first fleet officially arrived in Sydney Cove)  of with me being grumpy and waking up at 6.30. We kind off all wake up between 6.30 and 7.30 in our household. Joaquin is usually in bed with us lying in the middle of the bed. Legs and arms everywhere.
Anyway I decided to go for a run, it was not raining. I have been angry at J a lot lately. I have been angry at myself I don't know why. I should be happy, I have achieved so much.
In the end, we all got up, I played with Z and J and watched some tv. Jas got up at around 7.30 and he got breakfast ready. I had a small breakfast, a small bowl of muesli and yoghurt and J made coffee so I had a cup. I got myself ready, my mind ready and went for a run to Coogee. It started raining 4 min into my run but I still ran, got soaked and finally made it to Coogee. I was in the north end near the children's playground and waited under the gazebo in the park with other people and their wet shaggy dogs. There were a lot of people out and about running, walking, getting wet, and already in Coogee for Australia day celebrations. When it stopped raining I continued running and then it poured again and I went in search of another gazebo to wait under, there was a family there already with a mat and eating and celebrating. I think they were malaysians and they were eating fusion Australian food, a plate of sausages (snags) and white rice and fried onion. The mother from this family, very patriotic in small shorts with the Australian flag. I think they were very enthusiastic, I mean come on.. it is 9.30am, pouring rain and there the whole family is under the gazebo having snags and rice. There was a french man and his two kids waiting under the gazebo with this family, I overheard the little spectacled boy say "J'ai faim" saying he was hungry. All that yummy sausage smell.
In the end I ran 6km and then walked back home 2km. I felt good with my run.
Well i convinced J and the kids to drive back down to Coogee and we went to the playground, Joaquin met up with his preschool friend and the kids played in the park. Then we were all hungry. We took the kids to have fish and chips down by the beach. For once the chips were very fresh and cooked in new oil. By now it was not raining but starting to rain again.

After their little sourjourn and lunch we decided we grownup wanted sushi for lunch so we headed for the main drag and had sushi. We stuffed our faces and it was really nice. By the time we had finished it was so hot outside and humid, we did not know what to do so decided to go down to Coogee for a swim. Jas raced home to get the swimmers, Z was asleep in the pram and I hanged out with Joaquin in the shade on the promenade waiting for J.
In the end we spent most of the day at the beach, playing in the sand, swimming. The water was gorgeous but there was a lot of seaweed. We bumped into Joaquin's other friends at the beach and we all had so much fun. Zalia was just running around everywhere on the beach and loving the waves and being washed over at the shore.
At about 4pm, a dark cloud and light rain came rolling out from the sea, we packed up, headed for the showers and got dressed. We walked to the car and drove to Randwick where Jas bought items for pizza. We got home, Jas got ready for a run and made a tomato sauce. I bathed the kids and they were still full of energy even after being at the beach all afternoon. We had pizza and they had chicken skewers with pasta sitting outside, no rain and a lovely evening.

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