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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My mind is also a wondering..

Got back to Sydney on Sunday night and picked up some thai food at the Spot so yummy. Joaquin and Z had the old Maccers for dinner and Joaquin still calls the joint Old McDonalds. He had 2 junior burgers without cheese and no chips (they are too salty mum) and Z some chips. He dislikes the nuggets and so does Z. There was a rude man at the Musswelbrook Mcdonalds who pushed in while I was standing behind another lady waiting to be served. I went to him and to the girl at the register, sorry we were waiting, it is that lady's turn then mine. We were waiting first" He just ignored me and so did the girl at the register. I hate Mcdonalds offing Maccers. I used to work there in Bondi Junction when I was 12 and I lied to them about my age so I could work, I was younger that I said  I was. What a disorganised place, I even said " I thought people in the country were nicer" The lady who was waiting before me did not even fight it. Jas said to me later "Well what do you expect from a restaurant (yeah right) run by kids".. SO TRUE.
I went into uni and had coffee with my colleagues and dropped off the dead bat (from the other day) for a collegue.

Anyway so far this month I have achieved the following:
* Run 41.6km
*Walked 53.2km
* Ran and walked a total of ....94.7km
* Sent a paper to be published with me being first author
* trying to wean Z of the boob
* trying to get organised

Things I need to do today and the next few days (following the post  today by BabyMac of all the things that are on her mind)
* When Z wakes up I have to walk and pick Joaquin up at preschool
* I need to drop of old MAC battery at the postoffice
* I  need to return library books (by tomorrow)
* I need to organise dinner for tonight and this week
* I need to organise swimming gear for both Joaquin's lesson tonight and I (to go swimming or not)
* I need to email S at uni about visiting fellow form
* I need to see what I will do with my life, will I email John about teaching this semester?
* I need to look into airfares about going to Argentina
* I really need to talk to Jas about what we will do with our lives this year
* I need to review a paper
* I need to organise my calendar, and get organised

Anyway I should stop blogging and get to it.

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