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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Banana Bread and cafe time

I made Banana bread this morning, at the same time as getting Joaquin ready for preschool. I am a sucker, i just had ripe bananas and did not want them to end up in the compost. I used this recipe but added chocolate chips, a cup of coco powder and extra milk. Here is another recipe from Christina Hutson from The Glow and here from Girls gone child

I took Joaquin to preschool, we walked there, it did not rain, we stopped at a cafe and I bought him milk as he wanted milk, It came in a nice red take away coffee cup and Joaquin asked me to keep it for him. After dropping him off I walked back to the cafe with Zalia and ordered coffee and a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich. So good, Zalia was having fun smiling and saying hello to everyone in the cafe.
Zalia at the cafe eating banana

When we finished it was raining out, I got wet. I had an appointment at the hairdressers down the road for a half leg wax. They have a creche there and I took Zalia out the back to the creche. She cried but then was fine. The lady there is lovely and thinks Zalia is so sweet and even told me she is intelligent as she has very good fine motor skills. Thats nice to hear.
Then after my wax, the rain had stopped and we walked home. I saw a friend in another cafe on the way home, stopped to chat, I breastfed Zalia and of course she fell asleep and I put her in pram and walked home. Once at home, Zalia still asleep and i had some banana bread and a tea. In the end I did not do much and later at 4pm went back to pick up Joaquin at preschool and we caught the bus home (two stops from where we get on). Joaquin was happy as he knows tomorrow is Australia's birthday and it is a holiday".
Jas came home, i did not go for a run as I was tired. Jas made dinner, crumbed lamb cutlets with baked veggies and I mad a red cabbage salad which was not that nice. We are all in bed now it is 9.30pm. Good night!

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