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Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday 6 January 2012

Friday 6 Jan

I met up with friends and colleagues at the pub in the Spot and had lunch and talked work. It was nice to catch up and have children-free time. Jas then picked me up at 3.30pm in the car with the kids and went to see a new car. Joaquin was not feeling too good and vomited in the car. But at the car show room he played with the toys in the kids section and played with another kid. We decided to buy the car. When we got home and began to get things ready for dinner (Jas had made chicken schnitzels and veges for lunch while I was out), Joaquin started having a higher temperature. Thats when his temperature reached 40.3 using an ear thermometer.
Before rushing out to the hospital, I decided to ring the health line. The nurse on the phone told me after a lot of explaining and questions, that I probably should get Joaquin to see a doctor in the next four hours. So i ended up taking him to the Children's emergency down the road and after he was seen by a doctor, I was told he just had a virus. A virus and temperature should last 2-5 days and if the temperature was going to continue we could begin with tests to see why he had a high temperature. Thankfully by Saturday it had gone down to 37.7 and then Sunday it was not there. Thankfully as a temperature so high in a child is scary. Joaquin was fine though, he still ate and drank throughout the temperature, and when it got very high would sit quietly and watch tv, if he talked he was say normal things but someone what in a fast high voice. Poor little baby.

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