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Friday, January 27, 2012

Driving north

We got up 7.30am this morning and left home at 10.10am. J wanted us to be out the door by 10, but we were ten minutes late.
It is fun going for a drive north in the new car, at least we have air conditioner and it has the new car smell.
Joaquin loves going under the tunnels and he wanted to go on the harbour bridge. It also is a fun ride since the bridge has just been resurfaced.

We stopped at Tuggerah Westfields for lunch. We had yummy salad and cheese sandwiches on fresh brown bread, they are so big and have two slices of cheese and so much salad. We even had a lovely cup of coffee.
Joaquin and Zalia had ham subway roll.
I bumped into a lady I met a few weeks ago at Randwick children's hospital when I took Joaquin there as he had 40.3 degrees temp. She was there at the hospital with two sons, she was loud, had a pram full of bags and told me she was on her own and seemed to be fighting with an abusive partner and had caught a cab from the central coast to the hospital.
She asked me if she could stay at our place as I had started to speak to her, I had to say no as I was worried about Joaquin and his temperature. In the end Joaquin had a virus and I think that lady's sons were ok, with a bit of fever and vomiting.
So it was a surprise to see her in the Tuggerah shopping centre, she looked much better, not so tired and frazzled At first she did not remember me, then she remembered me and was with her kids and her grandmother and other family members. She said that night she ended up staying with her cousin. I really felt bad that night that I did not let her stay at our place.

Anyway we are here now at J's parents place and will have salmon and salad for dinner. The kids are having oven baked salmon and pasta with parmassen cheese. They get smarties for a treat if they eat all their dinner.
Thankfully it is not raining, but did rain on the drive up here.

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