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Monday, January 9, 2012

January update

Christmas and festivities are now over and we are way into January.
I have not written for a while, have been very busy and Jason had a few weeks off from work which have been great but obviously not enough.
Yesterday we got a new car, a new shiny dark grey car, with power windows and a little switch that turns the light on inside. Thats all he wanted a light switch so he can turn the light on and off.

Here is a recap of things that have happened in last week:


a- made a vege box
b-planted lettuce, beetroot and more lettuce
c-looked for a new car and finally bought one.
d- Cleaned the house quite thoroughly
e- Met up with my cousin and went to see Manu Chao in concert
f- Weaning Zalia so she is not feeding on demand like a new born
G- Painted the outdoor table and chairs
h- finished a paper but have not sent it yet
i- organised to go camping in a few weeks time
j- had a family day ate yum cha and visited powerhouse museum
k- I have started driving on my Ls around the eastern suburbs with the old car
l- Cleaned up the back yard

1) Go to dentist
2) go camping
3) go to doctors for check up
4) organise clothes and get rid of unwanted clothes
5) get hair cut and coloured
6) get a pedicure
7) keep running at least 3 times a week and/or join the gym
8) finish tweaking figures for paper and send it
9) email uni and get visiting fellow renewed
10) get organised with dinner especially mondays and tuesday nights
11) go swimming at least once a week and increase swimming to reach 1.5km in 40 min
12) wean Zalia so she does not feed on demand but only 2 or 3 times a day.
13) drive the new car and get confidence in driving
14) clean the garage/shed
15) remove more weeds from the back yard

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