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Friday, January 25, 2013

Camping in Patagonia Rio Arrayanes, Chubut (with a sick child)

We went camping again to Los Arrayanes River. We could not help ourselves. The days were beautiful and hot. We left Wednesday morning (Joaquin was exhausted after being to camp and away from us Monday night and all day Tuesday). Joaquin was actually sick all trip, he vomited at home, he vomited throughout the car trip and we had to stop three times. Then once we got there we did not set up camp in case we quickly had to drive back to Esquel. He got red small pinprick dots on his cheeks and chin and this freaked me out a bit. In the end we just lazed around our camp site, we did not unpack but waited. His vomits were every hour just a lot of water, when he drank water he would vomit it up. Then at 5 he had a two hour sleep, no vomits. Then another vomit when he woke up. He was then hungry and I made him some instant soup and he had a cracker and he vomited the cracker and then thankfully we made the tent. He got in the tent and slept all night without a vomit.

On the first day (Wednesday), Joaquin was sick all day. We put up two hammocks and he laid in them and vomited every hour.

Zalia kept herself occupied with drawing.

 On the second day Joaquin was better and they went swimming in the Rio Arrayanes.

On the second day (Thursday) my Parents came to visit the campsite for the day. My dad made torta fritas and they were delicious!

On the third day (Friday), I stayed with the kids while Seb and Jas went for a walk to La Laguna escondida. It is quite a trek up the mountain and there is a hidden lagoon.

Joaquin and Zalia running in the campsite.

Dinner time. On the third night (Friday Night) Jas made a tomato sauce and pasta for the kids. He also made some pizza dough and we had the yummiest pizza in town.

Rio Arrayanes at nightfall (9pm)

 The fourth day (Saturday) we took at walk to the Pasarella. On the way we found so many little endemic strawberries. They were so small but so sweet. Strawberry fields for ever.

Rio Arrayanes with Lago Verde in the background.
 My brother decided to swim across the Arrayanes at the Pasarella. I freaked out a bit as it is quite a current but he was fine.

 The Rio Arrayanes on the left and Rio Menendez on the Right.

On Sunday we packed up and by 12 midday had everything packed away. We spent the day by the river talking to the friends we made. Joaquin made friends with Santi (5 years old) and Omar (7 year old) from La Plata. Zalia made friends with Alma (2 year old) from Esquel. We played in the water, in the silty beach. We met a couple from Buenos Aires who were circus performers and they taught the children some circus exercises. Finally at 7pm we got ready to leave. Seb took Joaquin for a walk to see an Alerce tree which was planted by my dad and some other friends 30 years ago. No one knows the Alerce is there and my dad re-found it when he went for a walk. He recognised it by the distinguishable leaves. 

Joaquin was very sad to leave. He wanted to jump of the jetty and stay playing with his friends. He cried in the car and most of the trip out of the Park. We arrived at 9pm back in Esquel and my parents had a made us a lovely dinner of shnitzle, salad, corn and carrot.

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