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Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years eve In Patagonia 2013

There was a lot of yummy food made to bring in the new year.
We stayed up till 12 (well most of us, little Z went to bed early). But Joaquin stayed up and went to the gate after midnight to watch the fireworks people were letting off.

My mum made boneless stuffed chicken which was absolutely exquisite, and a delicious potato salad (which is very typical for new years eve or christmas eve dinners here). My dad decorated the salad with cooked capscicum. My mum also made a twisted bread similar to halal bread.

My mum made this chocolate and cheese cake with coconut biscuit base.
 I made the orange and almond flourless cake. I made it once before using Claudia Roden's recipe. This time I did not have almond meal so I used real almonds and mashed them up in the food processor, some of them had skins some of them were already blanked. It turned out quite moist. I followed this recipe as I do not have my Claudia Roden book, it is in a warehouse in the port of Buenos Aires, waiting for the company who is meant to deliver it door to door to our home address here in Patagonia to deliver it!
Flourless orange and almond cake is a classic Passover dessert drawing on the Sephardic traditions of Morocco, the Mediterranean and the Middle East (where citrus was more available).

Jas made this delicious pavlova from scratch. It was so yummy. We also had some pan dulce.

Here in Argentina it is a tradition to wear white to bring in the new year! My dad, me and Z got into the mode. Everyone else wore darker clothes.

Finally a photo of all of us on New Years Eve 2012

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