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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Drawing when i was 16

I did this when I was at school at 16.My hands and an image of my mother from a painting by Luis Dottori (an argentinian painter who was friends with my grandmother) painted when she was 13. I would like to do art again sometime soon.
I placed this imagine here inspired by Loobylu and her Friday Archives.
I loved art at school but decided to do science at university instead.
My parents always said to me "If you love art you can always do it later in life after you have done science". Well I "did" science and am a paleontologist now but I still have the art monster constantly scratching my back begging to get out somehow.

Photo of Luis Dottori and two of his oil paintings.

Luis Dottori was born in Buenos Aires in 1915 in his home at Avelino Díaz y Emilio Mitre and was brought up in the barrio of Parque Chacabuco in Buenos Aires. He lived there with his 8 brothers and sisters and his parents who were Italian immigrants. He studied primary school in a humble school made of wooden rooms that he still remembers with love and admiration. There he began to study art inspired by one of his teachers at the same time helping his father working as a labourer making bricks in the brick oven. He started a hairdressing salon aged 17 at his parents home. Here he put on display his paintings and drawing and his clientel would admire his work as he shaved and cut hair. He was led by cousin to visit the sculpture Antonio Sassone who lived in the same suburb as him and he began to work in the sculpture's workshop with drawings and compositions. He died at 86 years of age on the 27th February 2002. My grandmother Sara always spoke fondly of his work and we have a few of his paintings and drawings. His paintings can be found in the following galleries in Buenos Aires: Galería Rubinstein, Galería Rosendo, Galería Siglo XXI, Cafe Tortoni, Concejo Deliberante de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, and in different museums in Argentina including el Museo Benito Quinquela Martín, de la Boca.

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