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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mamushkas Babushkas

Piquete de mamushkas
Originally uploaded by Gustavo Aimar

This photo comes from Gustavo Aimar
this is his blog
he is a great artist and from Trewlew Chubut, Patagonia! He also does his work on moleskine what an inspiration!!! See the Moleskine flickr group here

More Mamuskas

Here are some magnet mamushkas. You can buy them from this Argentinian magnet company IMANÍAS that make these lovely magnets using a bright mix of design, color and humour. Next time I am in Buenos Aires, I should get some for my fridge.

I actually have these educational animal wooden magnets on my fridge so Joaquin can recognise the different animals while he is in the kitchen. He loves to play with them.

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