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Monday, October 13, 2008

gardens in patagonia

Spring has sprung down south.
My mum{s garden in Patagonia has started to blossum and the weeping willow is no longer weeping and is green. The pear and apple trees are blossuming and the roses ready to bloom.
My mum is spending time in the garden and Joaquin loves to watch her and has learnt how to say water Agua in spanish. He loves to pick up stones and throw them in the little stream that runs through my parents place water melting straight from the magestic Andes.

I love this garden shed for my mum.
This is from an interview with Sibella COurt an Australian designer who has lived in New York. Here is the link

Old shed (looks similar to my dads shed)from Smig44_UK

Another garden shed found in Green Wellies flickr site

This garden shed wall from Penelope_Odessey is amazing!

Here is another toolshed wall from flickr

Here is a garden tool organizer from duluth trading

Here is a typical garden with lupinos from Tierra del Fuego found on flicker
Originally uploaded by Pismanta

Tierra del Fuego Tolhuin

Another garden from SantaCruz
Originally uploaded by Pismanta

Santa Cruz El Calafate

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