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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

dinosaurs and busy days

My days and nights have been so busy. I think it is because I am teaching, and trying to do research and raise my son who will be two on Monday.
I have also been sick lately and so has Joaquin with a chest infection that really did not last long. Just the high temperatures were the worrying bit. We are both feeling so much better and I, unfortunately, am still on antibiotics. But yesterday I was able to teach at the uni with the Dinoblocks. Secondary students come to the uni and try to clean a block with a Cretaceous herbivorous dinosaur in it.They learn to be mini palaeontologists! They also look at microfossils under a microscope and were able to see 80 million year old crocodile teeth, turtle shell, fish scales, and even a Tyrannosaurus rex tooth.
I wish I had had that opportunity when I was in year 11 at school.

Also very busy trying to mark exams, organise a party this weekend, and pack to leave for our camping trip. So much to do, so little time.
My two favourite boys keep me sane!

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