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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May is finished here comes June 2011

Have not written for over a month.
Here we are back in Australia. Zalia is now 13 months, Joaquin will soon be 4 next week. I love my little ones so much and yet at times feel I need to be a better mother. Joaquin has started new swimming lessons at UNSW swim pool and he is doing well. I miss my dad who is in Argentina, he says it is quite cold. I also miss my brother who has been observing in Chile.
Zalia had her 12 months vaccinations and all went well, she did not have fever but we all have had bad colds. Zalia is now standing up and in the last few days has started to stand for a few seconds without holding on. She is not walking, crawls very fast, loves her doll and loves asking for things. She says Hola when she sees someone. I love her so much, she is a little munchkin with so much personality. We are trying to get her to sleep more at night and I have to breastfeed less throughout the night.
We are looking to move out of our little flat, there are things I dislike and not happy about this flat. The carpet, the small kitchen, the lack of bath in the bathroom, the lack of laundry, the scaffolding outside our building, the lack of room, the steep stairs outside the building. I would like to move to a new house but it is so expensive here in the eastern suburbs. My mother is here with us and it has been so good. She helps so much and at times I feel I do not do enough.
There is so much for me to do.
I want to paint with my son and draw with him. He loves to draw and he draws trains and monsters, monsters that come out during the day. He also drew a crocodile eating a bird at preschool. I want to read more books to Zalia and spend more wonderful time with her. I want to learn to drive and get my drivers licence. i want to finish my paper. I want to apply for a new job at the Museum. I want to be happier and not to stress so much as I have everything.

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