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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chickens, sheep, churros and a fair in Trevelin

We went to the fair in Trevelin, It is a Welsh town that is 30km away. Everything was on sale, from home made cakes, chocolates, puppets, vegetables, leather goods and wooden toys.
Zalia slept on the way in the car and stayed asleep in my arms.
We had traditional welsh lemon pie ($10 pesos), drank mate and ate tasty churros that were filled with dulce de leche.
We bought fresh vegetables that were on sale from a local"organic" farm, beetroot, garlic grown without pesticides (organic), shallots, potatoes, a big bag of carrots for $16 pesos.
We drank a lovely pink drink made with fresh berries and milk.

There were egg laying hens for sale for $200 pesos. They are rhode island reds and 4 month olds, nearly ready to lay. I would love to buy a few. They need to have 12 hours of sunlight a day to lay an egg a day. There were also many different varieties of birds for sale, including ducks and japanese white hens.
It seems that chickens have been around longer than Christopher Columbus in the Americas and were brought to southern south america by the polynesians based on a recent study on chicken bones in central costal Chile.

The merinos were there with their intelligent but worried faces.

Joaquin had fun sliding down the ramp with the other kids.

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