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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year hello 2014

 We spent NYE camping at Moonan brook! a small little creek on the base of barrington Tops, near Scone on the upper Hunter.
We camped with jas's brother and family and friends. It really was refreshing, hot but beautiful. The kids had fun, they swam all day in the small freshwater creek, or rode motorbikes and quads. There were a lot of boys there, and a little three year old girl like Zalia plus Zalia's girls cousins. No computer, or iPads or mine raft to fill the hours. I never heard "I'm bored" or "what can I do" or " can I play mine craft" it was outdoor Activities all day. Drinking, eating, watching lizards on the other side of the bank, hoping there are no snakes, playing, lazing in the heat by the shade of the she oaks-casuarinas and eucalyptus. Feeling so lucky to be enjoying such beauty and knowing my kids were having a ball and this is what holidays is about: camping with other families In nature and kids everywhere. I really had fun, we left scone on the 30th of December and stayed2 nights and drove back on the 1st of January 2014 and unpacked, had showers, washed clothes and sat down for dinner for a lovely roast dinner made by my mother in laws. The kids were so exhausted, they slept all the drive back about 1 hour and then some mor while we unpacked and then ate, had a bath and went back to sleep.

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