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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Spring Skiing with the family in Patagonia

Thursday was teacher's day so the kids and teachers had a day off. It was sunny and we had decided the day before we would go skiing as a family.
We got up early, Jas made pancakes for breakfast and we were ready by 9am. We went with some friends and wanted to arrive to the resort (which is only about 12km from our home but up a big hill) by 10.30 so Zalia could do a class.
We finally arrived but our friends who never skied before had to get their outfits and skis.
In the end Zalia did her class. Jas taught our friends the very basics of snowboarding and then we all (Jas, Joaquin and I) went for a ski.
I am so proud of how Joaquin skis. He has learnt a lot and is so responsible in the snow.  I am grateful for the Club Andino de Esquel for the teachers and for teaching him to ski.

Zalia had a great time and in the afternoon skied a lot with us in the beginners run. I pulled her up in the rope life (such hard work) and she skied down, so gracefully and so free. I am so proud of how she skis for a four year old little girl. She seemed to pick it up fast.! Joaquin even taught her and she followed him down the hill doing a snow plough (casita) to stop.

Driving back in the afternoon at 6.00pm. Sun is still out, it was a wonderful day and we were all exhausted. Zalia slept in the car all the way down the mountain. 

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