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Friday, November 28, 2014


November was a hectic stressful sad month for me.
I had so much to do in terms of work. Mammals conference in Esquel early November I was organising with others from my work and had to present two presentations on marsupial morphology and development.
I also had two Australian Scientists coming to visit me to do field work with me to help me find the elusive marsupial Dromiciops gliroides or monito del monte.
My father had a minor stroke the day before the conference started and that was very very strange, raw and heartbreaking.
Thankfully my father was ok and ended up in intensive care. He had been in Bariloche and had the stroke there, then he caught a bus back with my mother (over four hour trip) and my mother knew something was not right. When they got home, my mother told me what happened and asked me should he go to the hospital, I said Yes straight away and off we went. He was not speaking normally nor walking well. He was like drunk. In the end he had an ischemic stroke which is caused by high blood pressure. He had to stay in Intensive care, as that is part of the procedure to make sure his blood pressure lowers slowly and he does not have another stroke. He thankfully did not have to have any surgery and was ok. He is recovering now and I am so relieved.

Here is a photo from October, my parents helped me out with my field work during October, We did a lot of walking and trap laying. I am so lucky to have parents who like to help and who really helped me out and were so enthusiastic and eager to help lay traps, prepare food, walk many km a day. Thanks Mama y Papa.

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