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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A few things Autumn 2015

Starting to get cold in Patagonia.
Jason has been making greek style yoghurt using a sieve made of material to remove the liquid and what is left from 1000mls of low fat milk is about 500ml of thick yummy yoghurt.
We eat it with frozen raspberries I froze when Jason was in Australia.

Zalia did not go to school this afternoon, she was tired as she stayed up with me late till 11.30pm.
She is asleep now while Jason watches Breaking Bad again and I am meant to do so much work.
Re send a paper to another Journal. 
Need to reformat it and send it now.

Zalia is now 5. She draws a lot, is going to swimming classes twice a week. Eats well mostly everything we feed her, she loves broccoli, avocado, meat, chicken, chocolate milk, biscuits, pasta, cheese, saldas, peas, noodles, vegemite toast, grapes, apples, sushi, home made pies, soup.

Here is Zalia trying to watch Netflix.
Here is Zalia dressed up as a clown with a red nose for preschool.
Here is a drawing of Adventure time cartoon Zalia drew the other day.

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