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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday Spring 2015 is very close

Today Saturday it was a perfect spring day in Patagonia. The mornings are still cold and the ground icy. But the birds are very chirpy and the sun begins to warm the earth.
I made a grapefruit, beetroot and ginger juice to start my day. I also made my kids fresh fruit juice. Joaquin will only have orange juice and dislikes fruits but Zalia is the princess of fruit and always loves to munch on fruit during the day. I make Z always some fresh apple juice and in autumn when our trees are full of apples I love using the apples straight from the trees.
But kids are they really that complicated? Yes and they are so friggen different.

I also made some vegemite muffins for Joaquin that I had in the freezer. I had one and topped it with avocado, cherry tomato, australian pink salt from Lake Eyre and some balsamic vinegar. So much colour. Of course I instagram everything. We are very strange we humans.
We can't buy muffins here in Esquel but Jason made a big batch before he left to go back to OZ and i have had them in the freezer. They are so yummy.

I miss Jason it is so hard without him. Thats why i decided to write again so I can remember these days, as days where I was looking after my kids solo, working and writing papers and trying to get by in a somewhat isolated place. Thankfully I have my parents but they are so busy too now and my mother has been sick with the flu.

Thankfully, the days are busy and go quickly. They are starting to get longer and warmer so It will be easier somewhat without Jason but the kids need their dad and I need him too.
I have a lady that comes once a week to clean and help me with the floors and bathroom. She did not come today so I cleaned the house and changed sheets and did the washing. While the kids played (J on the computer looking at stampy videos, and Z on the phone looking at My little pony videos or playing games), I watched a movie practically from start to finish "Premonition" with Sandra Bullock and Julian McMahon. It made me cry and really makes you realise life is about love, family and trying to make this a better place for everyone and every living thing.

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