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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dulce de Leche

What I love about the internet is how easy information is available and how one can move from one idea to the next so freely.

Here I am up at 4.30am on a Friday morning with loads and loads of work to do. I have to correct a paper (on little mammal prints from approximately 150 million years ago), I have to write up a project and finish photos of little fossil mammal skulls and jaws and the list goes on..
I have to go to the gym at 9.30am this morning and organise my little one to come with me to the creche (breakfast feed him, dress him, play with him, walk 20 min to the gym) all this morning in a few hours! and all I am doing is blogging about dulce de leche.

It started with the biscuits here thanks to Loobylu and her link to Gourmet and their amazing article on Favourite cookies from 1941-2008. I have never imagined so many cookies and biscuits and shortbreads in my life and the photos are beautiful.
Then I saw the 2008 cookies and read how dulce de leche has influenced cookies in the last few years. Well then I found these beautiful cookies to make with dulce de leche.

Dulce de leche and nut butter truffles

and dulce de leche half moons

Then all the dulce de leche photo goodness available in flickr......
Recipie on how to make dulce de leche with condensed milk at Coconut & lime

Dulce de leche I buy when in Argentina is La Salamandra or Havanna

wish i could buy it here in Australia............ I guess I have to stick to how to make dulce de leche (from scratch) the secret is to add marbles in the pot when stirring constantly so the sugar and milk do not burn and stick to the bottom of the pan!

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