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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a few thoughts about 2008

I am very very tired tonight. I guess it is because it is the second last night of the year and I went for an 8 km run around this small town. Yesterday I went for a shorter run but I am feeling better. My rash has nearly gone and I am ready to start 2009 fit and healthy.
Jason is making empanada filling for a New Years Eve/Birthday Party we have tomorrow night and I am so exhausted. Joaquin has been a very good little boy today. He has been teething and dribbling and not having his dinner. But last night and tonight he had his dinner and is feeling better through out the day and not so much dribbling. He loves playing outside with the toy trucks and inside with his Thomas trains. He hides his toys behind the lounge like a magpie. He loves going on the motorbike and can say Sally (the dog) and loves watching her and gets close to inspect her and the cat (meow meow) Aussie.
I have had a great year, it has been tough with a new baby and being a bit sick and travelling twice to Argentina and trying to write papers and keep up with the academic side of my life. It has been hard but so worth it. I love my little munch munch of a son, he is gorgeous and loving and so inquisitive and learning new words every day.
Maybe in 2009 I will be ready for another little one!
Best wishes for all, and happy happy new year for 2009. I do hope there is peace, happiness and health for all and love is strong and keeps our world going for everyone.
besos Yami

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