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Friday, February 13, 2009

A day in my life

Today was probably one of the few days I can remember having so many different emotions running through me.
On Wednesday I had to have seven (yes you read that well) sharp fine needles in my soft sensitive neck.
The doctor kindly asked me if I was sensitive and needed anaesthetic.
I replied
that I was not sure
Then he said sternly
Well it depends on your pain threshold.

I replied after thinking for a second if i wanted to be a martyr or a weakling.
I think my pain threshold is a bit high since I suffered more than 10 hours at home during my contractions on no drug relief and then went to the hospital and was 8cm dilated (well that is a lie Jas kindly offered me panadine every 4 hours).
Anyway it does not matter what you tell them, they stick the needles in and tell you as they are sticking it in "Slight sting". Yes it is true a slight sting like a mosquito bite, but I hate mosquito bites. What really hurts more is the bruising afterwards and the humiliation of walking around with round little band-aids stuck on your neck as if I was bitten by a vampire or had a bad mark from a hickie left by Jas. I would rather have had a sign of my forehead saying "I have had 7 needles in my neck, so please fell pity for me".
Anyway Jas must have felt pity as we went to have sushi afterwards at Bondi Junction at the Sushi train. I do not know what the waitress scream out in Japanese when we enter the joint or leave. I think they are all shouting in unison "Here is another naive customer going to eat our food and pay us good money and thinks it is all traditional Japanese sushi but we also have fried chicken bits and deep fried calamari and dim sims on the train which are obviously not..."

So this morning my neck was feeling better, but I was very anxious to face my fears, to face the doctor, to get my reults. So instead I went to the gym. I am a sucker for punishment but this time instead of running 8km on a bloody treadmill, I did Pilates and it made me feel a bit better, taking my mind of the possibilities and making me think of the pain in my backside and stomach from the pilates exercise. Anyway I finally made it to the doctors, got the results from the needle tests on my thyroid nodules and thankfully they are all clear. So now I can think about the possibilities of having another baby. How cool is that. Sure I have to get a lot of tests done before hand, like any woman, rubella, chicken pox, etc.. but I don't mind a bit of blood being taking out from my arm every now and then.

Drawings of how I felt on Wednesday from my moleskine

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