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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ikea part 2

Here are more things we bought at Ikea.
These are all things that we bought for our 19 month old son Joaquin. He loves trains and calls them trens (in spanish).
I like the fact that Ikea caters for children and the toys are made of wood albeit pine and made in china. The trains run really smoothly on the wooden tracks and he spends hours every day playing with them. They are never put away and reside on our living room floor.
Hopefully one day if we live in a country house Jas can make some wooden toys out of scratch with his wood making skills!
MÅLA Felt-tip pen/ stamp assorted colours $1.95 / 6 pack
MÅLA Brush, set of 6 $4.95
LILLABO 3-piece train set $4.95 / 24 cm
LILLABO 20-piece basic set train multicolour

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