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Sunday, March 28, 2010

last days of summer

We spent the whole weekend at the beach. Friday night after Jas finished work we went down to Clovelly and flew the kite and went for a swim. It was absolutely beautiful!

We also went or a swim Saturday afternoon, the water was warm but there were jelly fish and blue bottles thanks to the southerly. SO we really did not go swimming just played in the shallows.
On Sunday we went down early with my parents and spent the whole day at the beach. We had lunch some left over home made pizza, and fruit and mate for afterwards. We all had a swim and went the tide went down at 1.30pm we went into the tent and Joaquin had a sleep. Jas and I went for a walk and had some ice cream and walked around the north end of Clovelly with the cement. It was beautiful, the water was nice and cooler than on Saturday and no jelly fish or blue bottles.

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