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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

relaxing at home

At home

still waiting for baby, i am 37 weeks and 5 days. I think this baby will come at around 39 weeks and 5 days which makes it due in 2 weeks time on the 7th of April, its real due date is 9th April (40 weeks).
I had a bit of a scare a few weeks ago and thought the baby was coming earlier. But now feel strongly the baby has another few weeks at least to cook in my tummy.

I am very relaxed today, the cleaners came, my parents took Joaquin to the park in Bondi Junction and having lunch there, I walked to Clovelly and had a cloudy apple juice at the local cafe and browsed magazines. I bought 2 magazines at the newsagent Australian Vogue Living What caught my eye was "Viva la Vida, Spanish inspiration in Sydney"
and also bought the latest Real Living after seeing it on Ish and chi's site and what also caught my eye was the section on "Storage Sorted", we have no space in our little apartment.

While I was at the newsagent an English lady with her little toddler was there, the toddler wanted chocolate the lady said no, there was a bit of a tantrum, she turned to me after noting my large tummy and said 'Enjoy your peaceful days" and I turned back " Well I already have a 2 and 1/2 year old boy too, so my days are not really peaceful".
Anyway I love Joaquin and love it my parents are here. He is a great little boy, very smart, can recognize our street and knows how to say it, and the other street in Coogee, Coogee Bay Road. When we read to him he remembers the words and we let him say them.. He knows all of "The Foot Book" by Dr Suess, a lot of "Fox in Socks" by Dr, Suess, and a lot of "Baby Bilby, Where do you Sleep" by Narelle Oliver, and most of "A little Bug went Kachoo" by Dr. Suess. The thing is he remembers word for word what comes on each page as if he is reading the book. AMAZING! He has a great memory as obviously he does not know how to read but recongises words like Thomas with a T and The. He is not even 3. Very proud parents!

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