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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

catching up

Feeling better, after my operation and the good news that all is well.

Yesterday walked to Coogee with a friend and met up with the mothers with the mothers group.
I saw the whales going past around Wedding cake island. We sat and watched out to sea and talked and the babies played and we breast fed. Some of the baby boys are very big but the mothers are telling me they have to give formula top ups. Just like Joaquin. Zalia is doing well.

Things that I wanted to write down lately!
Things Joaquin said today 19th August 2010

1) I said this morning when he woke up, “we are going to preschool” he said “its too many days” something along the lines.
2) I showed him a dead lorikeet on the way to preschool. I said look it does not move, it is dead. He said “Is that what dead means, when it does not move?:

Zalia did not do a poo since a big one on Saturday lunch time in Scone. Today she did one, four days later. It had fibrous pieces and hair. She sucks her hands alot and consumes fibers.
Zalia slept a few days in the moses in the cot. 12th of August till the 15th August. (But we were in Scone on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th and she slept in a portacot in the room, quite well.
She slept by herself in the cot on Monday night 16th of August. I cried, makes me sad but she is sleeping well. Goes to sleep after a feed at around 9pm placed in cot, sleeps by herself may wake up and goes to sleep again. Wakes up at around 1am and then 4 am. Last night 18th of August (Thursday 19th august morning) woke up at 2.45am and 5.45am.

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