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Monday, October 4, 2010

lovely weekend

We had a lovely long weekend.
On Saturday I went to the races sans kids. I had some champagne, got my nails done for free and makeup touchup in the Yellowglen tent. It was fun. I still feel like a frumpy mummy though and feel so un attractive compared to others, but I went with an old school friend and won a few bets too. It was strange being without Zalia. Jas looked after her and gave her a bottle with expressed breast milk (100 mls) and another with formula (150mls). He tried to give her some baby cereal but she would not take it. Joaquin slept 3 hours while I was away!
When Jas picked me up it was raining and at home I fed her but she vomited everything, I think as she was still full from her formula. When she finally got to sleep at 8pm I had a very hot shower and also went to sleep at 8.30pm. I was so exhausted.

On Sunday we went to a model train exhibition in Liverpool. It was raining and we caught the train. It was funny trying to change Zalias nappy on the bus going into the city. She is always very placid and Joaquin always talking. On the bus was a man and his son going to watch the Dragons vs the Roosters. All the Eastern suburbs is going for the Roosters with Bondi Junction home to the Roosters.
We had fun at the exhibition, seeing model trains and so much detail, little people, and towns and cities and there was a thomas train. Joaquin rode on the thomas train with Jas and had fun. It was so lovely to see his little face light up when he saw the trains, he loved the legos trains so much.
On the way home from the exhibition we stopped at a Lebanese cake shop, it was amazing full of yummy lebanse sweets on Macquarie Street. We then raced to catch the train and made it by 1 min.

At home made some salads and had left over pizza watching the footy. Roosters lost.

Monday we spent at home, doing he laundry, Jas went shopping (spent less than $200 on grociers, and we are under budget, Jas did the tax, and I made lunch (salads and kranskys). Jas made dinner yummy spag bolaganase with mashed up veges. Tried to give Zalia some mashed bananas, baby cereal and breast milk. She was not too interested.

Now the two little ones are asleep and I will have a cup of camomile tea and some chocolates. I feel better this weekend.

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