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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday in the city of Sydney (part 1)

Morning, we woke up at 7am. I let everyone sleep in till 8am, but Zalia was crying so I went into her room and laid in Joaquin's bed with her feeding her.
Then breakfast, here are some morning photos.

Waiting for bus and looking at iPhone app to see when next bus is due. This was 11am in the morning. The bus ticket on a Sunday is very cheap, $2.50 per adult (family ticket) which includes unlimited use of train, bus, light rail and ferry.. all day.

They ate grilled salmon and chips, we had sashimi (raw salmon) and oysters and king prawns. Very yummy.

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At fish market

Ice-cream at the Fish market

On the tram heading to the powerhouse museum

At the powerhouse Museum. We arrived by light rail and we spent the afternoon here. Zalia was asleep when we arrived so we went to see the trains and Steam Revolution exhibition that Joaquin has wanted to see again.

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